Packing Materials

In addition to our moving services, Lausch’s provides packing services as well! Whether you would like our professionals to pack your home or you just need a few items to pack your items yourself, we are here for you! Full packing services are done the day before your move if you have chosen Lausch’s Moving Company to take care of this for you. Regular move day packing includes mattresses and TVs which is standard for the company – these will be done the day of your move. It is required that all mattresses be packed in a bag to move them for hygiene purposes.

If you are interested in packing services, please let us know and an estimate can be prepared for packing when completing your in-home estimate. Let us take the stress out of packing for you!

Container Size 

Container Charge 


(includes container) 
China Carton (5.0) 28.5x18x18 $15.00 $35.00 
Book Carton (1.5) 13x13x17 $4.00 $10.00
Misc. Carton (3.1) 16.5x18x18 $5.00 $13.00 
Misc. Carton (4.5) 18.5x18x24 $6.00 $15.00 
Misc. Carton (6.0) 24x18x24 $7.00$17.00 

Wardrobe Carton 21.5x24x48 

Holds about 24” of hanging clothes

$14.50 New   $10.00 Rental$20.50 New   $16.00 Rental 
Mattress Bag (any size) $15.00 

Picture Carton (expandable) 3x29x39-72 

$15.00 $35.00 
Newsprint $.80/pound $20.00 (25lb. bundle) 
Tape $4.50 per roll 
Bubble Wrap $1.00 per foot 
Carpet Shield $19.00 per roll 
Sofa & Chair Cover $10.00 each 
TV Boxes $40 Under 40 inches   $75 Over 40 inchesIncludes Packing and Unpacking